Share Certificates (CD’s)

Share Certificates (CD’s)

Accidents are the leading cause of death for those under 44. Claim your no cost AD&D coverage now. Members only.Let Great Lakes Credit Union help you with your savings goals today by opening a Share Certificate (CD)! Our Share Certificate rate sheet can be found below but for the most current rates, stop into our location in Perrysburg, Ohio or at our Sylvania, Ohio location.

What are Share Certificates (CD’s)?

A Share Certificate (CD- Certificate of Deposit) is a savings product that commonly provides more competitive interest rates than Share Savings Accounts (standard savings). Money is deposited into the Share Certificate when the account is opened and it cannot be withdrawn without penalties for the number of months designated. Share Certificate terms range from 3 months all the way up to 60 months, letting you pick an amount of time that works for you. The interest rate typically increases the longer the term of the Share Certificate.

*Last updated 3/30/17

Share Certificate
Length to Maturity %(APY) Annual Percentage Yield
3 Months 0.05
6 Months 0.10
12 Months 0.50
18 Months 0.70
24 Months 0.70
30 Months 0.90
36 Months 1.11
48 Months 1.21
60 Months 1.31
IRA Share Certificate
Length to Maturity %(APY) Annual Percentage Yield
3 Months 0.10
6 Months 0.15
12 Months 0.55
18 Months 0.75
24 Months 0.75
30 Months 0.95
36 Months 1.16
48 Months 1.26
60 Months 1.36
Shared Certificate penalty for saving certificate 12 months or less is 3 months interest earned or not.
Penalty for Shared Certificate longer than 12 months is 6 months interest earned or not.

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