How to Keep Your Debit Card Safe

These days, many are afraid of their debit card information being stolen. But there are a few steps you can take to make sure your information is safe!

-Secure online shopping.  Make sure when shopping online that the sites you are using are secured. You will know this by a little padlock symbol up in the address bar of the website.

-Use secure computers.  Never use public computers or public Wifi when making any purchases online. It’s best to wait until you are home on your own secure computer and Wifi.

-Don’t click on bait.  A lot of people will fall victim to scams through emails. If you do not recognize the sender of an email, do not click on any links within the email. They could be viruses that may steal your information from your computer.

-Monitor your credit report.  It is a good idea to frequently check your credit score. If you notice any changes that your unsure of, you can get it looked into quickly to prevent any fraudulent activity.

-Check balances frequently.  Utilize the tools you have to check your balances and be sure there is no fraudulent activity happening.

-Utilize Card Valet.  Card Valet is a free service that we offer that allows you to turn your card off and on, control your spending, and review your balances and transactions. Click here to learn more!

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