Company Membership

If you’ve got a group of employees, you can get group benefits…at absolutely no cost to your company!

If you are a business owner or a human resources manager and would like to offer your employees a free company-wide benefit, you should consider the services of Great Lakes Credit Union.

Membership is open and it’s easy to join. We offer low rates and special services such as direct deposit. Just check out our website for more product and service information.

For more information on company membership, contact us at (419) 246-5911 or contact us online.

Membership Application

When you become a member of Great Lakes Credit Union, you become an owner as well. To be eligible for membership with Great Lakes Credit Union, you must be:

  • An employee of Owens Illinois or affiliate, an employee of HCR Manor Care, an employee of a company located at OI-Plaza 2 One Michael Owens Way Perrysburg, an employee or member of one of the companies or groups listed in our field of membership, or
  • Live, work worship or attend school in the City of Toledo, Sylvania/Sylvania Township or Perrysburg/Perrysburg Township, or
  • Be an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling) or household member of an existing Great Lakes Credit Union member.

You hereby apply for membership in the credit union and agree to conform to the bylaws and any amendments of the credit union, the terms and conditions of the share account and to pay the minimum deposit amount. You also agree to pay any charges or fees which may be required or assessed under such bylaws. Any account opened in more than one name shall be a joint account with rights of survivorship. If you have established a joint account, both owners agree to the terms and conditions of the share account. If you return this application electronically, we may ask you to sign a hardcopy of this application at a later date.

Instructions for Online Application:

Option A: Fill out the below Application, and either fax or e-mail a copy of your drivers license to us at:

Fax: 419-885-1480

Email: [email protected]

A GLCU representative will contact you as soon as the process is complete.

* As a requirement of membership, you must open and maintain a share savings account of $5.00. You may include a Visa or Mastercard number in your application to deduct the required $5.00 to open the account. As a one time courtesy we will waive the $10.00 fee to run the card.

Option B: You can click here for a downloadable application. Fill this application out online and print it out. Click here to read our disclosures. Sign the bottom of the application and mail it to us at:

Great Lakes Credit Union
6600 Sylvania Ave, Suite 6D
Sylvania, OH 43560

*Along with the application, we need a copy of your driver’s license and an initial $5 deposit to open the account.

If you have any further questions please contact us at 419-246-5911.

Account Sign Up

All of the terms, conditions, form of account ownership, account selection and other information indicated on this Card apply to all of the accounts listed unless the Credit Union is notified in writing of a change.

*The account number for each of the accounts listed consists of the suffix added to the end of the Member Number listed in the "MEMBER APPLICATION AND OWNERSHIP INFORMATION" section. If this Card applies to more than one account of the same type, more than one suffix will be listed for that account type.


Street: SSN/TIN:
City: State:
Zip: Driver's Lic. No:
Upload photocopy of Driving License:
Home Phone:

 Listed Unlisted

Date of Birth:
Work Phone: Employer:
Membership Eligibility: Email:

Debit Card Details

Enter your debit card information below that you wish to use to make your initial $5 deposit.

Name on Debit Card :
Billing Address :
Card Number :
Card Expiry date(MMYY) :
Security Code :



Joint Owner:
Street: SSN/TIN:
City/State/Zip: Driver's Lic. No:
Home Phone:
 Listed Unlisted
Date of Birth:
Work Phone: Email:
Joint Owner:
Street: SSN/TIN:
City/State/Zip: Driver's Lic. No:
Home Phone:
 Listed Unlisted
Date of Birth:
Work Phone: Email:


 Payable on Death (POD)/Trust Account

Beneficiary/POD Payee: Beneficiary/POD Payee:
Street: Street:
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:

(as custodian for (minor) under the Uniform Transfers/Gifts to Minors Act)
Minor's SSN/TIN:
 Agency - Name of Agent:
 Other  See Account Authorization Card

  I have read and understand the disclosures.
(Click here to read our disclosures)

And remember, “Once a member, always a member.”

Welcome to GLCU!

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