History of Great Lakes Credit Union

Great Lakes Credit Union, Inc. began as the Toledonized Federal Credit Union in 1940 and was later renamed the Seagate Federal Credit Union before being given the designation Great Lakes Federal Credit Union in 1987, when the Seagate and Technical Center Credit Unions were merged into a single unit. In March 1997, the name was changed to Great Lakes Credit Union, Inc. to reflect a change in charter from federal to state.

The Owens Illinois direct sponsorship of the credit union was discontinued in March 1991. A merger of Great Lakes Credit Union and OC Federal Credit Union was announced in April 1991. In November 1991, this merger was cancelled with the approval of NCUA. David W. Seeger was appointed President & CEO of Great Lakes Federal Credit Union effective February 24, 1992 and to date, still holds that position.

The credit union has provided members with basic savings and loan services since it was chartered on February 6, 1940. But its range of financial products and services has been broadened considerably over the years to include: IRA’s, checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards, mortgage loans, financial planning services, money market accounts, on-line services including Internet Banking and more.

Membership stood at 237 by the end of 1940, and now has grown to almost 8,000 people. This is more than a 20-fold increase and is due, in part, to the nationwide scope of membership, which includes retirees and active employees of Owens Illinois, HCR/Manor Care, the numerous companies located at One Seagate in Downtown Toledo, as well as over 400 other companies, groups and associations across the N.W. Ohio area.

The credit union has two (2) “Brick & Mortar” branch locations as well as an “On-Line”,  branch. Those who are eligible can apply for membership, additional products and services, apply for a loan, monitor their account activity, monitor their Visa card activity and more.

In total, we are part of a vital financial network that is joined for continued growth and leadership through the contributions of our employees.

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